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Roland Dressler Antique Eclectic Props Vintage 1970's model airplane kit USAF F-80 Shooting Star 1/48 Scale Monogram #5404 c.1977 Detailed cockpit, gun bay, and jet engine ... I collect model airplane kits , any scale , open box kits are O.K. please contact me at Located in Galveston, Texas area

1/48 Scale Plastic Model Kit
Monogram 5404
Copyright 1977
Made in USA


The first operational U.S. jet fighter played an important part in the Berlin airlift of 1948 and the Korean war of the 1950's.

This kit includes a service dolly, pilot, and extra parts and decals for an optional P-80 version.

The cockpit is loaded with detail including instrument panel, radio equipment, pilot's seat, and clear sliding canopy.

The gun bay is fully detailed and the rear fuselage section removes to show the detailed jet engine 

This model depicts an F-80C that can be assembled in fighter interceptor or fighter-bomber configurations.

The nose gun compartment and cockpit area are accurate detailed.

The tail section can be removed to reveal the Allison jet engine and you can select a variety of wing tanks, and pylon mounted bombs to complete your model.

On November 8th, 1950 , an F-80C piloted by Lieutenant Russel Brown attacked and destroyed a feared MiG-15 Fighter.

In the first all jet confrontation in aviation history, the aging 
F-80C emerged victorious. 

Powered by an Allison J-33 centrifugal flow gas turbine, production varients of the F-80 were capable of speeds in excess of 550 miles per hour.

Throughout their service life, the nimble Lockheed F-80 "Shooting Stars" emerged as an unforgettable advancement in aviation history. 

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