Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shiloh Shooting Range - My Wife & Daughter Shoot Shotguns at The Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range, 12703 Shiloh Church Road, Houston, Texas, 77066 ... Tel : 281.444.8930 check out this wonderful Texas enterprise www.ShilohShooting.com

My family visited the Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range and enjoyed a little target practice with Shotguns.

Monica and Secelia had a great time learning more about firearms safety and had a great time.

Many thanks to the Folks at Shiloh Shooting Range for an excellent Mother and Daughter adventure this Labor Day weekend

Please check out this Houston business

They offer Concealed Handgun License

CHL Tactical Instruction


Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range
12703 Shiloh Church Road
Houston, Texas, 77066

Telephone 281.444.8930

 Texas Business Women need to know how to defend themselves at Home and in the Office

My Girls know how to handle firearms

Armed Citizen Project

My name is Roland Dressler 


 We sell antiques and conduct Estate Sales


Don't let them take away your Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

God bless Texas


God Bless Freedom Loving People Everywhere