Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Roland Dressler Estate Sales Auctions Tag Sales , L & M Estate Sales and Auctions , Professional Liquidators in Houston, Texas

Great weather for cruising the Street of Dreams in Texas City, Texas.

L and M Estate Sales and Auctions 

The Professional Estate Liquidators 

Laur Van Valkenburg   409.739.5773

Monica Dressler   409.761.0010

Have something to sell?

Household contents to 
business inventory and surplus equipment.

Residential and Commercial real estate.

Change of circumstances?

Downsizing because of job transfer or retirement?

We will turn what you have into cash 

You'll make money instead of spending money

Serving southeast Texas in Harris, Galveston. and Brazoria counties.

We have Realtor friends in Galveston and Texas City to help with your real estate needs.

My name is Roland Dressler

Laur and Monica have over 15 years experience in the Estate Sale and Antique business

I have over 28 years experience in the auction and liquidation business.

We handle everything from appraisals, to planning, organizing, and post sale clean up.

We'll do all the work 

If you need something sold,

please contact us first

Telephone or Text



   Clean out your closets

Turn your collection into quick cash

You can always buy more in the future

We love antiques and sell on etsy

Please take a tour of our online 

Etsy Store

International Export our Specialty

We'll ship anywhere in the "Free World"

Monday, July 29, 2013

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L and M Estate Sales 

Call or Text 409.739.5773

Serving the Metro Houston area

Harris , Brazoria and Galveston counties.

Estate Sales, Auctions, Tag Sales, and Liquidations

Have something to sell?

We'll turn it into cash

We are Antique Dealers who enjoy selling antiques and collectibles.

Dedicated professionals who can help you sell entire contents of your home.

Does your business  have surplus inventory or equipment or excess materials you want turned into cash?

We'll make it happen

We do all the work

Telephone or Text 409.739.5773

Laur and Monica offer free appraisal and downsizing planning services 

Need more information?

Please email me at 

We recently moved from our antique shop in downtown city to a larger facility in a 
2,800 sq ft warehouse.

Our focus is on Estate Sales and Auctions

I encourage everyone to take time to visit beautiful downtown Texas City 

My friends Keith and Debbie own 

Rust and Dust 
 1519 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590 

Telephone 409.945.5884

Rust and Dust is located at corner of 
6th Street North and 16th Avenue North

Open:  Thursday through Saturday

Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Google search Rust and Dust

Beautiful photos of unique projects

Antique Resale Shop 

Know who you are doing business with

Keith and Debbie are Antique Dealers

Rust and Dust is a family owned business

The Street  of Dreams begins at 

6th Street North and 16th Avenue North

If you need it?

You'll find it in Debbie's 7,000 sq ft store

Keith and Debbie are small business entrepreneurs who have remained very active in the antique business on 6th street since before the Bank Crash of October , 2008.

They are not Junk Dealers

Their store features unique antiques and collectibles

Debbie upcycles vintage furniture

Keith restores and sells Cushman Scooter Trucks

Cushman Truck are great on gas and fun to ride around in 

See what you've been missing in the business district of Texas City

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Getting ready for August ... One Estate State in Alvin for July , getting ready for our next Estate Sale in August - just because the Heat Index exceeds 100 degrees is no excuse not to do business and make great things happen

Even Kids who live in Arizona think they are Surfers

Here we are are on the Texas Gulf Coast where anyone can surf if you dodge the jellyfish & a few sharks.

The blue skies & tropical weather make doing anything outside a pleasure ... just keep drinking lots of ice tea.

Monica and Courtney in Galveston  

Courtney Walker owns the Body Space
Yoga, Pilates and Dance

1914 45th Street ( Corner of 45th and P 1/2 ) 
Galveston, Texas, 77551 

We love the 1950's 

Monica sells vintage relics of a Free American

Monica Dressler 


We sell on etsy

Seller Name :  TheIDConnection

Vintage, Antique, and Estate Sale Treasure for sale 


We sell items from our recent past 

We also sell some very old things from a long time ago 

Selling a few military collectibles 

Old photos 

Space Program Collectibles 

WWII items 

unique books 

Cold War nostalgia 

Vintage advertising from America and around the World 

We have a huge collection of magazines and papers






We sell estate sale treasure from all over 

Vacation souvenirs

Seashore memories 

Retro Ladies Fashions 

Nautical Collectibles 

Unique home Decor 

We sell things to decorate your next theme party 

Selling vintage Bathing Suits & Swim Wear for you!

Things for Mom and for Girl going back to school 

After a long hot summer of being on the beach your clothes may be a little loose

The good life is just a few clicks away


L and M  Estate Sales 

The Professional Liquidators

Let us take the worry out of your estate liquidation needs.

We offer Professional Appraisals , Estate Sale  and Auction services

Need to sell your Real Estate

We have Realtor friends who can help you.

Residential or Commercial Real Estate

Let us get it sold for you

If you have surplus business equipment, excess inventory or unwanted supplies ... we can turn it into quick cash.

Change of circumstances?

Turn your home or business in to cash.

We do all the work

Monica Dressler 


Laur Van Valkenburg 


We cover the Metro Houston area

Harris , Galveston and Brazoria counties 

Southeast Texas Gulf Coast 

We love the 1950's 

God bless Texas and God bless freedom loving people everywhere


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Courtney Walker , owner of The Body Space ...Yoga, Pilates & Dance , 1914 45th Street , Galveston, Texas, 77551 www.thebodyspacegalveston.com Galveston Island Texana

Monica Dressler and Courtney Walker 

Courtney owns and operates a business on Galveston Island called:

The Body Space

Yoga, Pilates & Dance

1914 45th Street 
(Corner of 45 & P 1/2 ) Upstairs

Galveston, Texas, 77551