Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I collect plastic model airplane kits Any Scale open Box Kits Are OK I pay cash for military models , one kit or your entire collection

 I buy model kits

Any scale

One kit or your entire collection

Military or Civilian theme kits

Also buying wooden scale model ship kits

My name is Roland Dressler

Jet noise is the sound of Freedom

Freedom isn't free

What was true in 1952, remains true 61 years later.

Socialism is not the solution to our Nation's problem's

Communism will erase every Citizens's Constitutional Rights and protection offered by our Bill of Rights.

Communists want to ignore our United States Constitution

They will toss our Bill of Rights in the dust bin of history.

Keep America Free

The sun is setting on our precious Democracy

Chicago Pork and Goverment Cheese is a poor substitute for our Freedom.

 Free to choose where we worship God, Free to choose where we live and Free to work a trade or profession of our choosing.

Would you let someone else decide what you can eat, drive or can tune in on your radio?

My name is Roland Dressler

I am a small business owner in Texas City, Texas.

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590

As an American Citizen and Taxpayer ,

I support Capitalism, freedom of religious worship, 
and I own firearm .

My business is successful because I invested my own money and hard work towards making Antiques Texas City survive the changing economic challenges.

Don't let "Them" steal your Religion or Firearms 

Pray for Peace

God bless Texas

God Bless Freedom Loving People Everywhere