Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Antiques Texas City will reopen Thursday at 11:00am

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590

Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Hours 11:00 am to 5:00 am

Please visit our online shop

Open 24/7

Here is the link


Small Business Owners keep small towns alive.

Walmart will have 28 cash Registers and 3 Cashiers

We have one cash register with one cashier who knows how to make change, won't play with cell phone while you're checking out or do "shout outs" to recently paroled from Huntsville.

We appreciate your business

Our customers are the most important people in our store.

Real Texans who still do business the Old Fashioned Way

No Chicago Pork or Goverment Cheese here

We invested our time and life savings into our business.

No Federal S.B.A. bank loans here

Just putting our profits to work reinvesting in our family owned small business.

We believe in a strong America

 God bless Texans and God bless Freedom loving People everywhere.

My name is Roland Dressler

Email rolanddressler@gmail.com

Texas City, Texas has been very good to us.

Our "Brick & Mortar" store front operations are located in the upcycled 1948 Jewel theater building.

We buy local

We hire local

Living the American Dream every day!

Check out this great blog on how Etsy loves the a story about an item! The story is the best part!