Sunday, December 9, 2012

American Auctions selling WWII Army Half-Tracks up for Auction your choice American or German military vehicles I saw in Los Angeles Times

1944 White M16 half-track "Meat Chopper"

Armored turret with pair of .50 caliber machine guns

This vehicle is worth between $50,000 to 75,000.

Auctions America will sell this vehicle

1935 - 1945 Dailmer Benz Half-Track Prime Mover

Estimated value is between $200,000. to $250,000.

American Auctions is selling this vehicle.

Harley-Davidson 42XA Motorcycle

Limited production model introduced in 1942

Reverse engineered copy from German BMW R-12
captured from Afrika Corps in North Africa.

Horizontal flat twin engine was a dramatic change from the proven V-twin design featured on all Civilian and Military motorcycles of the time.

Estimated value $25,000. to $35,500.

American Auctions will sell this motorcycle

Big Boy Toys for Christmas 2012

A Russian manufactured re-issued copy of a classic 
World War II German military BMW Motorcycle is available for sale in 2012


 Limited Edition Sidecar Moto-machine

Copied just before WWII from the German BMW R-71

Two wheel drive model

745cc Solo sT engine

Only 50 were manufactured for export to USA

Price $14,250.

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