Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Texas , we need the other 49 States because they make Texas look great!

 49 other States wish they could be like Texas

Texas has the 15th strongest economy in the World

The other 49 States may not be Texas friendly.

But as Texans , we can take care of our selves.

We are much stronger as the United States of America.

Let's use the elections to set things straight next time.


My name is Roland Dressler

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Also working part time in health care

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Time for Texas to reshape the Union & make it a better Union

Texas Liberty Preservation Act

Truth in Taxation Bills

Texas State Legislature is in session.

Christmas is coming up soon

Yes, we are a Christian country 

We celebrate Christian Holidays

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Remember , these are the best years of our Lives.

We are thankful to be living at the best location in the Nation.

Look at people in their Eyes & tell them what's really going on.

Truth never goes out of style.