Thursday, November 8, 2012

Failure is a dress rehearsal for success ...time to roll up our sleeves and change tactics

 Thursday November 8th, 2012

Texas City got down to 62 degrees last night

But with blue skies and sunshine we will reach 80 this afternoon

57 million Voters choose to vote Republican 

I am one of them

Voted straight Republican ticket

Only four years until next Presidential Election.

Barack Obama got 50%

Mitt Romney  got 48%

Day after

Stock Market plunges

Had the worst day of 2012 on November 7th

Could it be that plans to increase taxes on the wealthy ,

including capital gains taxes and taxes on dividends.

In Europe business activity in the euro zone is a lot weaker than expected.

Even the  economy in Germany is starting to feel the effects.

The Stock Market here and other markets overseas will correct themselves.

 57 million Voters voted for the Republican Party

I am one of them

My name is Roland Dressler


I own a small business in Texas City, Texas.

We sell antiques and collectibles.

Fur coats, Fine Jewelry , even artwork, oil paintings, sculptures, home decor.

over 3,000 items for sale

International export is my specialty

I also work part time in Health Care industry.

Providing the highest level of quality medical care.

Patient care is a unique service business.

 We are concerned about the economy

Our customers go into 2013 with new concerns

Biggest issue remains ...economy and jobs.

When people are unemployed...they have serious problems.

Raise taxes and businesses close their doors.

Failure is a dress rehearsal for success.

Let get ready for 2016