Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Roland Dressler "Pro Deo - Pro Patria" For God , For Country. Vote no for those who are rejecting the principles in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. May God always bless America. Please support Mitt Romney in his goal of restoring America to the values and traditions found in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence..

You must stand up against what is wrong no matter what.

We must stand against those who wish to destroy the American way of life.

Some are here sowing discord and doubt by saying
  " this is a better way ."

Expel them, keep the nation our founders created with the help of God.

Let's defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights from those who would change or alter it.

Say "no" to the administration and it's puppets.

Say "no" to those who will lead us down the primrose path that will extinguish the American flame of liberty.

God is removed and kicked out and our country is under assault to alter and abolish its value and principles for which those brave Americans fought and died in the Revolution.

Vote for the future of your country

My name is Roland Dressler

Email rolanddressler@gmail.com

I am a small business owner doing business in Texas City.

I also work a second job.

Early voting is critical to making sure your vote is counted.

Vote early.

Your vote counts!

Freedom and loyalty to country.

Defend our Constitution against all enemies Foreign & Domestic.

Your country needs you.

Think long and hard before you vote for anyone already in office.

Join me  and say enough is enough.

Together we all can make a difference

Your Grandchildren are counting on you

Make your vote count!