Monday, May 14, 2012

Antiques Texas City Eleven Rules of Rural Garage Sales

I read these tips in a magazine at the grocery store.

Eleven Rules of Rural Garage Sales.

For the Purchaser

Rule #1

Be Polite.
You are a guest on a neighbor's property and you will see them again.
( possibly the next time you are stuck and need assistance )

Rule #2

Drive and park with care

Lost count of the number of fender benders and minor accidents seen at garage sales

Cars, bicycles, wheelchairs, and walkers all converge on a single lane.

Rule #3

Ask if the price is negotiable before dickering.

For some, bargaining is a game or a challenge and the only reason to attend garage sales.

Others find it an insult.

For the Buyers and Sellers Both

Rule #4

Involve the kids.

Rule #5

Join with others

Never compete.

Laugh, form partnerships in the hunt for bargains or in the effort to sell.

If you are buying, car pool.

It saves money and time.

And for the Seller

Rule # 7

Always declare without being asked, if an item is broken or missing parts.

Rule # 8

Hang items such as brightly colored tablecloths or carpets out front to attract attention.

Try to make your garage or yard have a "fair" look or appeal.

Rule # 9

Use all the "Free" advertising that is available

Distance in the country makes advertising essential

Send your ad to your local paper, put it on Facebook and Twitter and post signs at major intersections

Rule # 10

Promote local community groups and charities

If you are sharing your proceeds with a charity or group , make sure this information is posted and you have a donation can available.

Rule # 11

Above all, be creative and have fun.

Have a "free" pile of junk you were going to throw away.

Rule # 12

Unlike any form of Urban Shopping, rural garage sales are social events.

They are times to meet, to greet,  to share and promote your farm as a destination.

It's your time to show off your unique and beautiful acreage, and find new customers for your products.

Just a note: 

When I feel like cruising around hitting garage sales,
driving Highway 6 between Galveston Island & Alvin, Texas has been mighty productive.

Even more fascinating is road trip from  Nacodoches, Texas to Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Great Friday, Saturday, Sunday mini vacation.

Rent a Van & fill it up with treasure.

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