Thursday, March 15, 2012

Siemens Breaker Box Circuit Breakers for use with Backup Generator Standby Utility Grade breakers

Siemens - used breaker box for use with backup generator

Price $150.

can be seen at

B&B's Attic

518 6th Street North,

Texas City, Texas, 77590

Hours 11:00am to 5:00am

Open Tuesday thru Satirday

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Galveston Gal enjoying cold drink at picnic September 1960 with 1959 Buick Skylark in yard Galveston Island Texas snapshot from Free World America

B&W Photograph from Galveston Island dated Sep 1960

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Galveston Gal Mother and Daughters circa 1960 photograph authentic Texana snapshot in time

1960's Photograph

Life on Galveston Island during the Cold War era

Authentic snapshots of real Texans

Pure Texana at it's best

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Galveston Gal September 1960 dressed up in lovely dress with matching purse and shoes Pure Texana

Black & White Photographs from 1958 to 1961

Found at local estate sale on Galveston Island

Authentic images of Texans from the Cold War era

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Galveston Gal Lot Snap 1 circa 1960 Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus Masonic Shriner photos pure Texana

Galveston Island estate treasure

discovered with photos dated 1958 to 1961

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authentic snapshots in time from the Free World

pure Texana at it's best