Saturday, September 10, 2011

Roland Dressler 1950's Lionel Sunoco Railroad Car retro 50's Freight Train Tank Car Cold War era Toy Trains

*Vintage 1950s Lionel Tank Car Sunoco 6035 mfg 1952 to 1953 classic 50s railroad freight train railway car retro nostalgic Christmas Holiday Pure Americana Made in USA Hobby collectible Cold War era toy trains

The 6035 is the second short 8" single dome tank car produced by Lionel in the postwar era. It's also the first to include regular knuckle couplers -- as opposed to odd-looking scout-type couplers -- which were included on the first short tanker, the 1005.

The 6035 was a result of Lionel wanting to manufacturer a less expensive tank car for its introductory train sets. Beginning in 1952, the 6035 replaced the 6465 as the traditional tank car included in all 027 beginner sets. The 6035 is a common tank car and easy to locate. The lettering is usually worn off from handling and examples with perfect lettering are hard to find.

Standard features on the 6035 are minimal. It includes: an unpainted gray single dome body, dark-blue Lionel Lines lettering, metal frame, scout trucks, operating magnetic couplers plus a Sunoco logo

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