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Rare AMT ERTL Star Trek USS Enterprise Incident model kit fiber optics sound effects Klingon Battlecruisers science fiction Out of Production models

Rare Star Trek USS Enterprise Incident model kit with lights, fiber optics & audio Klingon Battlecruisers science fiction Out of Production *

AMT / ERTL KIT # 8254
THE ERTL COMPANY...DYERSVILLE, IOWA, U.S.A. ....Tagged as Made in Mexico & China
Highly detailed model kits Kit includes:
2 Klingon Battlecruisers
1 U.S.S. Enterprise
display base with space background
fiber optic kit
authentic digital audio chip of voices and sounds from original Star Trek TV episode
" The Enterprise Incident "
No scale stated by manufacturer
Parts: ~50 styrene in grey and clear, blus grain of wheat bulbs, sound chip/speaker, battery holder, hook-up wire and background
Instructions: Fold out multi-step assembly guide and paint/marking guide
Decals: Waterslide
Accuracy: OK, for the small size
Out of production, but still available at swap meets & Star Trek Conventions
AMT-ERTL "Enterprise Incident" kit. This kit is styrene with lights, fiber optics and wire
Rare AMT/ERTL "The Enterprise Incident" Legendary Space
Encounter model kit with 14 light sources Fiber Optic filament
AND Digital sound system!
This kit includes 3 complete model ships, 1 U.S.S. Enterprise, 2 Klingon Battlecruisers, Display base with space background, fiber optic kit and authentic digital audio
chip of voices and sounds from the Original Star Trek TV episode,
"The Enterprise Incident"
Kit specifics: Fiber Optic Filament, Digital Circuit board and speakers with audio chips from "The Enterprise Incident" 4.5-volt DC power source (requires 6 "AA" batteries), Micro Drill with drill bit (requires 2 "AA" batteries), Power source jack and wiring, 14 light sources, (4) crome
reflective strips. It is a skill level 3 and AMT/ERTL model #8254. Brand new and still sealed in the box!
It makes a fairly detailed representation of the ships from the show but in a very small scale.
Each Romulan/Klingon ship is 4¾"/121mm long and the Enterprise is 5¼"/133mm long.
The entire diorama base and background in 11¼"/286mm wide and 7¼"/ 178mm tall. .
Lighted kit
This kit is hard to build and will require jewelers glasses or magnifying goggles
kit includes parts for two Romulan / Klingon D-7 Battlecruisers, the Enterprise, a base plate and a background/mounting wall with a cardboard backdrop.
Each D-7 has about 16 plastic parts and the enterprise has 11 plus 4 clear parts.
The kit includes wire , a speaker, a sound card, 2 battery holders (each holds 3 AA batteries that are not included) and switches for lights and sound.
It comes with a small electric drill and 2 bits.
There are also 9 light bulbs, which are enough, but there are no extras.
You get more than enough fiber optic wire as well as the aforementioned 9 bulbs.
All clear plastic parts, the 'planet', the bridge, phaser banks and engine nacelle caps are clear and must be painted to the builder's taste.
There are no clear parts on the Romulan/Klingon ships other than the fiber optics.
You will need glue, putty and paints (grey, white, black and red).
You will also need extra wire (and I recommend the thinnest wire you can find) 8 AA batteries (2 for the drill and 6 for the layout), a solder gun and solder.
Power Pack
You have to use a solder gun to heat expand some pins for mounting electronics on the base.
AUDIO NOTES: the red alert & disrupter sounds
WIRING NOTES: leave at least 6 inches of wire hanging out of each ship. Buy extra wire, the kit comes with plenty of fiber optic, but not enough electrical wire.
Depending on how careful you are, the 2 drill bits that are included that might be enough.
The kit includes an order form for but I think you will be better off to get a pin vise and bits at your local hobby shop.
The bits have rubber mounts and can be used by hand.
The drill is neat, but hand turning the holes is more accurate and safer.
The Good
The styrene the kit uses is conducive to drilling and easy to file down.
The base is pretty solid and the electronics dropped in with no hassle.
The Enterprise model fits together reasonably well and there is no sag in the warp nacelles.
This model is for the advanced builder who has done fiber optic models before.
Although rewarding when done it is difficult to build because of both its complexity and its small size.
And now for the final insult: Star Trek fans are all aware the duel depicted in "The Enterprise Incident" was against 3 Romulan D-7s.
The kit only comes with 2 D-7s and only with KLINGON DECALS!
Consider this the Holy Grail of out of production Strar Trek model kits
Will test your modeling skills
Not for Novice Modeler or spasticated Glue Monkies, Model Butchers or Guy going through Mid Life Crisis
Highly recommended for the Builder who seeks a challenge
Experience in Neurology & Fiber Optics is a plus

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