Sunday, July 24, 2011

Roland Dressler Ferrari 312T4 Formula 1 Tamiya Kit 12025 1/12 big scale Racing Series 20 highly detailed model race car kit retro 1970's racer classic

Ferrari 312T4 Formula 1 Tamiya Kit # 12025 1/12 big scale series highly detailed model race car kit

Tamiya Kit # 12025 is a beautiful Ferrari 312T4 Formula 1 plastic model kit in 1/12 scale.

This kit is in an open box and it is in like new condition.

I purchased this kit new from as local retailer when it was released.

It was opened by me to inspect the contents and stored in a climate controlled environment ever since.

This is a highly detailed kit engineered to produce a museum quality model.

Tamiya molds their kits in several different colors to replicate the various body, chassis and engine parts.

Their kits typically contain chrome parts, realistic rubber racing tires, various types of engine wiring, seat belt harnesses, highly accurate decals, and metal parts.

This kit includes decal markings that will enable you to build the Number 11 car of Jody Scheckter or the number 12 car of Gilles Villeneuve from the 1979 Championship season.

Scheckter and Villeneuve each drove this car to three victories during this season.

Scheckter won his only World Driving Championship that season and on the strength of those 6 victories and consistent finishes Ferrari also won the constructors title.

There is now a multitude of detailed reference material available on the internet or in various publications for this car which will enable the builder to reproduce a terrific scale example of this piece of racing history.

This kit is getting harder to find in this condition.

It would be a great addition to your collection or for you builders looking for a unique project

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