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Roland Dressler U.S. Army Sikorsky AH-60L DAP Black Hawk Attack Helicopter 160th Special Operations Regiment SOAR Somalia Iraq Afghanistan 1/35 scale

U.S. Army Black Hawk AH-60L DAP Helicopter 1:35 scale model kit military avitation aircraft Somalia Iraq Afghanistan

Open box unassembled plastic model kit

I have inspected this model kit & contents are 100% complete

Includes decal sheet & assembly instructions

All parts still attached to parts trees

Box measures 19 1/2 x 12 1/4" x 3 1/2"

Academy Hobby Model Kits # 2217


Plastic Parts to assemble one helicopter model kit

Soldier figures are not included

MRC "Realism in the Right Scale"

Copyright 2003

Model Rectifier Corporation

Made in Korea

Kit suitable for ages 10 to Adult





Fully engraved panel line & rivet details

Extensive cockpit detailing

Detailed jet engine and rotor assembly

Has the FLIR turret and terrain radar

M261-19 Tube Rocket Launcher & AGM-114 Hellfire Included

This kit is designed to build the Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) operated by the U.S. Army's Special Operations Forces

Primary role is as Attack Helicopter

DAP's mission is to offer armed escort or to deliver precision guided fire support when Special Forces troops are called into action.

Integrated fire control systens and a pilot's heads-up display (HUD) combine to make the DAP a highly accurate & effective weapons delivery platform both day & night.

The MH 60L DAP is a highly modified version of the standard UH 60L Black Hawk

Included with this kit are two 7.62mm door-guns , 19 shot 2.75" rocket pods and AGM 114 Hellfire laser guided missiles

The DAP is operated by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)

SOAR seeks out only the best aviators and solidiers to be members of their team.

To be a member of this elite group you must be a "three time volunteer" i.e. Army, Airborne, and SOAR aviation.

AH 60's have seen action in Somalia, Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Roland Dressler etsy Pick of the Day 1969 Jeep Camper classic Tonka Toy vintage 1960's ultimate Willys Jeep 4x4 Gladiator Camper Truck

I always liked Tonka toys

Had quite a few Trucks & Construction Equipment made of the heavy duty pressed steel by Tonka

Here is the lastest discovery in south east Texas

1969 Jeep Camper in purple and white

I buy model airplane kits

Wanted: model airplane kits

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Roland Dressler

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Roland Dressler Ferrari 312T4 Formula 1 Tamiya Kit 12025 1/12 big scale Racing Series 20 highly detailed model race car kit retro 1970's racer classic

Ferrari 312T4 Formula 1 Tamiya Kit # 12025 1/12 big scale series highly detailed model race car kit

Tamiya Kit # 12025 is a beautiful Ferrari 312T4 Formula 1 plastic model kit in 1/12 scale.

This kit is in an open box and it is in like new condition.

I purchased this kit new from as local retailer when it was released.

It was opened by me to inspect the contents and stored in a climate controlled environment ever since.

This is a highly detailed kit engineered to produce a museum quality model.

Tamiya molds their kits in several different colors to replicate the various body, chassis and engine parts.

Their kits typically contain chrome parts, realistic rubber racing tires, various types of engine wiring, seat belt harnesses, highly accurate decals, and metal parts.

This kit includes decal markings that will enable you to build the Number 11 car of Jody Scheckter or the number 12 car of Gilles Villeneuve from the 1979 Championship season.

Scheckter and Villeneuve each drove this car to three victories during this season.

Scheckter won his only World Driving Championship that season and on the strength of those 6 victories and consistent finishes Ferrari also won the constructors title.

There is now a multitude of detailed reference material available on the internet or in various publications for this car which will enable the builder to reproduce a terrific scale example of this piece of racing history.

This kit is getting harder to find in this condition.

It would be a great addition to your collection or for you builders looking for a unique project

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Roland Dressler Team Lotus J.P.S. Mk. III assorted photographs of Tamiya Kit # 12022

Roland Dressler Team Lotus JPS Mk III Tamiya kit # 12022 1/12 Big Scale Series 20 super detailed vintage model kit

*Team Lotus JPS Mk III race car vintage Tamiya 1/12 model car kit big scale Racing Series 20 super detailed automobile

This 1/12 scale racing machine is highly recommended for the modeler who not only appreciates precise detailing but enjoys a challenge.

This model features accurately reproduced suspension system, realistic engine detailing and exhaust pipes







Vintage mode kit

Scale 1/12

Big scale racing series 20

Rare New Old Stock

Super detailed D.F.W. Engine

Steerable front wheels

Semi pneumatic rubber tires

Detachable body panels

Moveable front & rear suspension

Complete kit

No missing parts

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Roland Dressler Wooden Model kit Creole Queen operating Stern Wheeler New Orleans river boat 1/48 scale 48" long unique R.C model boating

New Dumas 1222 Creole Queen 48" Unbuilt Kit

1/4 Scale wooden model kit

1/48 scale

48" length 10" Beam

Die Cut Birch & Mahogany Plywood Kit

Made for Radio Control Running

Builder Level 3

Operating Stern Wheeler

New Old Stock Unbuilt & Mint In Box

Length 48" Scale 1/4" = 1"

Dumas Products Inc

Tucson, AZ

Made In The USA

This retails for over $350.00....A steal at $225.00

Here is a nice wood model kit.

Kit is complete & verything is still in the packages.

Looks can be deceiving, which is certainly the case with the Creole

When you study the Creole Queen you could easily place her in
the days of Mark Twain, wheeling down the Mississippi as onlookers sit
fishing off the bank.

In actuality, the Creole Queen was built in 1983 for the 1984 New Orleans World Fair.

The fact that the Queen looks so authentic is no accident

Even though she is powered by a powerful diesel electric propulsion system, the builders at Halter Marine took every precaution to make sure the Creole Queen had the look of the

The Dumas model of the Creole Queen is constructed of precision
die-cut birch and mahogany plywood.

The detail package included in the kit is immense.

It has stampings, wood turnings, castings, plastic parts, and a 3 page decal set.

For the more adventurous, the size of the Creole Queen leaves the door wide open for those modelers wishing to try less conventional powering methods.

Live steam would certainly be a possible option.

So if you have always dreamed of building your own working stern wheeler, the Dumas Creole Queen is for you.

Length 48 inches.

Beam 10 inches.

Scale 1/4 in. to 1 ft.

Skill level 3.

Assembly Required.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Roland Dressler 1950's Luftwaffe Piaggio P-149 West German Air Force Trainer Aircraft I buy model airplane kits Any Scale

I buy model airplane kits

Any scale

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Roland Dressler Lockheed P-38 Lightning Wanted: Plastic Model Airplane Kits any scale Open box kits are OK Fast cash for your surplus model kits

Wanted: Plastic Model Airplane Kits

Any Scale

Open box kits are OK

Will buy one kit or your entire collection

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