Friday, May 6, 2011

1954 Filius Kamera Isoplast GMBH Godesberg Filius Pocket Camera novelty Subminiature photography

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Bakelite 1950s Camera Miniature Filius Kamera Made by Isoplast 1954 GMBH Bad Godesberg Made in West Germany Subminiature novelty Pocket Cameras f 50 mm 32 x 40 mm Film Cold War photography German antique Secret Agent photographer spy Berlin

Measurements:4 inches Width x 2 1/8 inches Depth x 2 1/8 inches DepthBox reads :Filius POCKET CAMERA"Fits Everybody's Pocket"READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLYALWAYS load and unload films in subdued lightAFTER each EXPOSURE wind film until next number appears"FILIUS" Camera takes Pictures in Sharp Focus at a distance of six feet or more.Follow instructions on loading filmUSE ANY SS828 Film. For best pictures use our Special "FILIUS" Film excellent for jumbo prints Filius camera unbekannt keineUnknown no Isoplast GmbH, Bad GodesbergIsoplast GmbH, Bad Godesberg Rollfilmkamera Roll-film camera 30x40 mm 30x40 mm Rollfilm Roll Film 1954 1954 Meniskus 11.0/50 mm Meniscus 11.0/50 mm Verschluss IClosure I98x57x57 mm 98x57x57 mm 44 g 44 g Beschreibung: Filius KameraDescription: Filius camera. Rollfilmkamera mit einem einfachen schmalen Sucher. Roll film camera with a simple narrow viewfinder. Objektiv ist nicht eingefasst und die Frontplatte weist keine Schrauben auf. Lens is not enclosed and the front plate has no screws. Auf der Rückseite ist unterhalb der Filmanzeige kein „Made in Western Germany“ eingeprägt. On the back is below the indicator film is no"Made in Western Germany" stamped. Other Notes:Made by Isoplast 1954f = 50 mmSize 3 x 4 cm Film ( 32 x 40 mm ) use 928 Film ( 828 FILIUS - ROLLFILM )This camera is in good working condition