Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 8th 2011 relaxing at Wingstop in Galveston, Texas & French magazine L'ILLUSTRATION dated July 1919 post World War I France Roland Dressler

End of a long tuesday

New radiator in truck & getting ready for tropical humidity of Texas summer

Still need to get an oil change

Best discovery on Galveston island this week was a few World War I era magazines and books

Illustrations & photography from 1900's France

Getting ready for unbearable heat & 95% humidity here on Gulf Coast

Today it's 50 degrees and raining...temperature dropping below freezing this afternoon

Winter is coming back again

We are selling silver coins & gold watches on etsy

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Selling Motorhome parked in Columbus, Ohio - need photos? drop me a line

French magazine is dated July 1919 L'ILLUSTRATION

La Fete

De La


The Feast of Victory