Sunday, February 20, 2011

Roland Dressler Galveston Texas Vintage Marine Sextant Navigation Instrument unique Antique Navigating Tool Naval relic Navigator Collectible

Vintage Marine Sextant Nautical Antique Navigation Instrument retro Navigator Pilot for Ship Boat unique relic discovered on Galveston Island Texas Ships Captain Ocean Sea Naval Gulf Navy Beach Seashore Atlantic Pacific navigating tool tech

Discovered this old Marine Sextant navigation instrument on Galveston Island , Texas.

Features wood & metal construction with colored glass lenses
and mirror glass surfaces

Adjustable colored shade glass filters

Horizon mirror

Index mirror

Index arm

Graduated Arc Index Bar

It has been in Salt Water and coated with sand

I have not attempted to clean it or restore it

This Sextant is being offered in As-Is Condition

What you see in photos is what you are buying

Shipping in U.S.A. is $12.00

You can reach me at

Roland Dressler