Monday, October 11, 2010

USAF Convair B-36 RB-36H Peacemaker Bomber Aircraft 1954 1955 Cold War era Monogram 1/72 Scale mint condition perfect Christmas Gift Roland Dressler

It's the reissue of classic Monogram model kit
1/72 SCALE Plastic model in factory sealed box
Mint condition
Never opened
Length: 27 3/4 inches
Wingspan: 38 1/6 inches
Detailed interior and moveable machineguns
Optional assembly of bombbay doors in open or closed position
Waterslide decals with markings for the following
Convair RB-36H 28th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
Ellsworth Air Force Base, Weaver, South Dakota
Convair B-36H 7th Bomb Wing
Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas
Both aircraft versions are from the 1954 - 1955 period
Illustrated instructions with paint and markings guide included
The Holy Grail of Model Airplane kits!
The largest molded plastic injection model airplane kit yet produced
Except for the new box art, new instructions and new decals
this kit remains unchanged from it's original release in 1980, ...30 years ago
Molded in flat silver plastic , the kit features lots of fine surface raised detail
For molds of this vintage there is very little flash
The instructions, incidently are very clear and well written , a vast improvement over the previous issues of this kit
A Convair B-36J is on display at United States Air Force Museum,
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio