Sunday, September 19, 2010

Etsy Treasury for Sunday 19 Sept 2010 Etsy Finds Decor: Relics of Yore

Etsy Treasury for Sunday 19 Sept 2010

Etsy Finds Decor: Relics of Yore

One of our old photographs was featured in this wonderful treasury on

1922 St Joseph Church School Students

Vintage 1920's photograph framed in original wood & glass picture frame
Pupils of St. Joseph School March 7 , 1922
Galveston Texas
This was from the estate of Lenora Dorian who lived on 23rd Street in Galveston
We purchased a large collection of her books, papers & photographs at an estate sale last May
Miss Lenora Dorian lived in on Galveston Island and became a Piano Teacher
Her music studio was in her home on 23rd Street
She taught music from the 1930's to the early 1960's

Please take a look at other unique Estate Sale discoveries we've made on Galveston Island

Roland Dressler

Galveston Island, Texas

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vintage 1978 Testors 1/25 scale model kit Miss Budwiser Hydroplane Racing Boat classic 1970's Holy Grail of model kits Roland Dressler Collection

I am selling this 1978 Testors 1/25 scale model kit of Miss Budwiser Hydroplane Racing Boat

It's for sale on

Also selling old model airplane kits from

1950's several vintage Linberg Line 1/48 scale models

I collect and build 1/72 scale model airplanes

If you're selling...I'm buying

Open box kits and partially built kits in 1/72nd scale are ok too!

Always looking for the old FROG and AIRFIX 1/72 scale model kits

You can email me at

Roland Dressler on Galveston Island, Texas, U.S. of A.

1950's Cardinal & Blue Jay Bird pair of ceramic birds Made in Japan very retro style figurines classic 50's art Roland Dressler Collection

Matched pair

Each made from same mold

Ceramic figurines

One painted as Male Cardinal

the other painted as Male Blue Jay

Made in Japan

Each stands 10 inches tall

Selling other interesting collectibles on