Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sat March 20th cool rain to cold snow flakes in Houston

Galveston Island Friday Afternoon
View of Mosquito Fleet of ancient fishing boats

Shot these photos Friday when the weather was more like summer
Saturday it rained heavy in middle of the day
Spent most of my saturday shopping for aviation collectibles
At a private estate sale in La Marque discovered some great WWII Books on Luftwaffe & RAF pilots in European Theatre some I've read before called STUKA PILOT these old books have been around since 1960's
The went to an antique store north of Houston and bought a vintage 1950s Spirit of Saint Louis model airplane kit and 1970's issue Miss Budwiser Speed Racing boat model kit - great finds
At same store purchased 6 old Model Airplane magazines from 1935 - excellent articles with scale drawings and instructions for constructing wooden planes for flying...amazing advertisments for Model Kits
The went to a live auction Started at 7PM and ran until 11PM
Great pickings from a 1960's Marx Fort Apache litho tin toy playset to Deer Skull with antlers enough boxes of treasure to overflow the bed of my friends Ford Ranger Pickup Truck
Celebrated with midnight dinner at the IHOP on Exit-15 Hitchcock
Saturday began very slow, packing items for shipment out of state, hitting Post Office and Office Depot, then to Texas City to see what was at the Thrift Stores
Even called Mama to get groceries at local Krogers which is always a test of my mental skills
Here it is sunday morning 6:30AM
I'm soaking up the heat from a tub of hot water
My emotions are high, thoughts of todays priorities,
belief in myself no doubt I'm on the right path to success and culture of squeezing a Quarter out of every Nickle
If you have a focus on negative things your health is effected
Self love is very important
Your attitude toward life
Trust - I trust the world is a great place to be...despite what's happening around our country I have moved from a place of poverty to financial prosperity
If you do something 21 times it becomes a habit
Flip flop your negative thoughts into positive thoughts
We need Balance in our Lives
play 30 minutes a day play time
rest 10 minutes a day to regain strength
work - dont be overworked
study to bring creativity
Its cold as January outside this morning
But I am greatfull that it stopped raining
Will be dry outside
Have so much to sort through
Models first then Magazines
Great start to my new week
Roland Dressler
I Buy Model Airplane Kits
Any scale Open Box Kits OK
Suprise Me!