Monday, February 22, 2010

Will swap 1/32 Model Car Kits for 1/72nd scale Model Airplane Kits Roland Dressler

Willing to swap my 1970's re-issue of Revell Classic Highway Pioneers 1/32 scale 3 complete model car kits - trade for Three 1/72 scale Model Airplane Kits
I collect & build 1/72nd scale Military and Civilian Aircraft
Roland Dressler
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Will trade my set of 3 old model car kits in 1/32 scale for your three 1/72 scale model airplane kits
Authentic Classics 1/32 scale
Minicraft Kit # 1501
Minicraft Models Inc
You get 3 complete Kits
1. 1900 Packard
2. 1903 Cadillac
3. Ford Model "A" ( the Pre- Ford Model T version )
Beautiful and extremely rare model of the famous Cadillac.
These old Highway Pioneer models are highly collectable and sought after.
You just can't find models of this car in this scale.
A 1970's re-issue of 1950's vintage model kit...Highway Pioneers, Revell Quick Construction Kit...H-36:69 Model A Ford 1903
BONUS: plus one partial kit - missing a few parts for building 1904 Olds Delivery ( perfect for diarama shop or garage )
Originally manufactured in 1950's by Gowland & Gowland and marketed by Revell between 1953 to 1958
Re-issued in 1970's using 30 year old molds to create easy to build hobby kits
Will trade my 1/32 scale Highway Pioneers set for your 1/72 scale model Airplane kits
I collect & build 1/72 scale model Airplane kits
Wanted: Plastic Model Airplane Kits
Any scale
Open box kits O.K.
Please contact Roland Dressler
Cell: 409.750.3688