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Tamiya Twin Motor Gear Box & 6 Speed Gear Box Motorized - Robotics Electrical Mechanical Engineering Roland Dressler

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Selling 2 used Tamiya Gear Box & Motor kits

I opened boxes for inspection and they look complete

Mechanical Components will require assembly

These gear boxes with electric motors are for use with Tamiya Model kits & radio control Robotics projects.
Kit A. Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit # 70097 Made in Japan
The Twin Motor Gear Box uses a two motor system to provide power and speed to turn the hex shaft.
The gear box is made from high quality plastic.
Use this gear box and motor set with other Tamiya products.
Two FA-130 motors are included.
Basic Specifications

Gear Ratios: 58:1 207:1

Motor: (2) FA-130

Kit B. 6 Speed Gearbox H.E. Kit # 72005 Made in Japan

The Tamiya 72005 6-speed gearbox is a versatile, high-efficiency gearbox that you can build in one of the following gear ratios: 11.6:1, 29.8:1, 76.5:1, 196.7:1, 505.9:1, and 1300.9:1.
Whatever your application, chances are that one of the configurations will do the job.
A clutch gear protects the gearbox in high-gear-ratio configurations so that the gearbox does not rip itself apart if the output shaft gets stuck.
The low-voltage motors in the 6-speed gearbox run on 3-6 volts and draw up to a few amps, making them perfect candidates for a robot project using these motors.
The 4mm, round output shaft on this gearbox is compatible only with Tamiya’s sports tire set and narrow tire set
For motor specs, see the Mabuchi motor RE-260 (#2295) data sheet
To compare all Tamiya gear box kits, see the Tamiya Gearbox Gear Ratio Comparison.
The 6-speed gearbox is a kit; assembly is required.
To use the kit in robotics projects, you need to connect the motors to your own robot controller.
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