Monday, February 15, 2010

Science Fiction in action Model of Atomic Astro Boat & Monster Girara featured in Japanese Sci Fi "The X from Out of Space"

You'll see a photo of different reissue of this model kit

The graphics are very dramatic

Midori "Astro Boat" Kit No. KSN-200-5

Midori's reissue of their "Atomic Astro Boat" model

Spaceship model is featured in "The X From Outer Space."

Its a fairly detailed kit for its size.

Original release kits of this model are rare.

This discontinued model kit was reissued as a part of the Girara DVD set that came out a few years ago.

Girara and what is a Girara?

Well, the Japanese produced a model kit for this Sci Fi character

Doyusha reissued the Midori Girara kit "The Ultra Queen."

"The Ultra King" in this series was a generic monster Midori had around for years.

On the model kit box there is a painting of Girara over a photo of the power plant he is attacking.

Japanese Science Fiction is always way ahead of it's time

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