Sunday, February 28, 2010

Post Holiday December going into January 2010 - Roland Dressler

I shot these between Christmas '09 and New Years '10
Worked all through the Holidays
Only 40 Hours a week
3 twelve hour days and a four hour day.
12's were a little rough
By the time you reached your four hour day, things were getting a little fuzzy around the edges.
We had great weather - a dry winter with lots of sunshine
I always try to shoot pictures looking towards the sun light
Wearing my Snowman neck tie but not a snowman in sight...not even frost
Things have changed alot in one month
Warmer days, already mowed some grass on my lawn and less stress.
No more 12 hour days with 4 hour day kicked in to keep you on your toes.
Now I do a 14 to 16 hour day working for myself
Better rewards, less stress & a lot more fun!
Most people work 40 hours a week at a job they don't like to buy things they don't need.
To break out of this self-limiting lifestyle you have to take a big gamble
You bet that you can build & sell a better "Mouse Trap"
That you can do it while preserving what is most important in life.
Your health & your relationships
Family..., your Wife and Children need you to be healthy and happy while you "Bring Home the Bacon!"
How to Conquer Stress?
Tension & Tensions of our modern world really take a toll on our health
Be aware of what causes emotional wear and tear ...learn how to minimize it.
"That really makes my blood boil"
"She ( or He ) is really a pain in the neck"
These thoughts are your built in "Friend or Foe" identifiers
Stress is your's gonna get you if you don't minimize it quickly
Recognitions of the cause and effect connections between between emotions and physical reactions.
"My stomach is tied up in knots,"
"Blood boiling"
"Pain in the neck"
"Stomach spasms & cramps"
These are prompted by accelerated heart beat and rise in blood pressure.
All are symptoms of the same thing...Stress
Prolonged nervous tension or pressure or emotional upset?
Will produce stress
Medically and biologically , stress is a state in which a chain of glandular and hormonal reactions take place to help the body adapt to its physical and emotional environment.
Not all of these are necessarily destructive
They make it possible for you to accomplish difficult tasks, withstand physical and emotional shock, cope with trying situations, combat disease, heal damaged body tissue, they enable you to perform a superhuman feat in a crisis or to do something simple as adjust to extreme changes in weather.
But when these adjustment demands on the body are extreme or continual , the body's adaptive mechanisms may break down and you can become ill - even die.
Emotions can cause physical symptoms
Doctors and Medical Researchers investigating hormones and body chemistry have begun to understand how destructive stress can be.
An alarming list of illnesses can be directly or indirectly traced to Stress.
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Muscle spasms