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Modelling and Sculpting The Human Figure art book Roland Dressler

with 309 Illustrations
By Edouard Lanteri
This valuable text makes it possible for serious student to gain the requisite skills and bridge the gap between artistic concept and figurative realization.
Representing at least three thousand years of studio lore, this readily understandable , authoritative guide is a gold mine of technical information , easily comprising a four year sculpture curriculum unavailable elsewhere.
Beginning with a detailed study in modelling a head from a cast model. Lanteri gives a meticulous description of the anatomical features that comprise the head.
Next, there are instructions for sculpting a bust from a live model : how to place the model, use the clay, take measurements , set up all the important framework, put on the hair , etc.
The author also covers modelling the figure from nature, including such factors as the scale of proportions, posing the model , the chief line, contrasts of line, building up the figure and more.
Part II covers sculpting in relief ( poses, fixing the background, tools, superposition of planes, color, change of light, etc.): drapery, ( arrangement of folds, principles of radiation , flying drapery, etc. ) : and medals ( proportion, working the mold, inscriptions, etc. )
Also discussed are principles of composition, both in relief and in the round. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of photographs, drawings and diagrams,
Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure is the kind of comprehensive resource book that should be a lifelong studio companion to the figure sculptor Unabridged Dover ( 1985 ) republication of the work formerly titled: Modelling : A Guide for Teachers and Students , Vols. I and II, Chapman & Hall , Ltd. 1902, 1904
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