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Modelling and Sculpting Animals c.1985 203 Illustrations Horse Lion Bull Body Form Art Book Roland Dressler


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Used Soft Cover Book in good condition

( Originally published as Volume 3 of Modelling in 1911 )

by Edouard Lanteri
Copyright 1985
233 pages
This book, like Lanteri's other work, offers a depth of instruction and insight that is unmatched in sculpture books.
In this volume, Lanteri's genius is focused on the subject of wildlife, you will not find better instruction on this subject for any medium than you will in this book.
Edouard Lanteri was a sculptor and medallist whose romantic French style of sculpting was seen as influential among exponents of New Sculpture.
Lanteri was born in France but later took British nationality.
He studied art in the studios of François-Joseph Duret and Aimé Millet and at the school of fine arts under Jean-Baptiste Claude Eugène Guillaume and Pierre-Jules Cavelier.
A period of poverty led him to becoming a cabinetmaker, but in 1872 on the recommendation of fellow sculptor Jules Dalou, he moved to London to work as a studio assistant to Joseph Edgar Boehm.
He stayed at the studio until 1890. Lanteri's sculptures were mainly modelled in clay before being cast in bronze, though he would also work in stone.
He produced portrait busts, statuettes and life size statues.
As of 1880 he taught at the South Kensington Arts Schools and in 1900 became the college's first Professor of Modelling (1900-10); in this role he was involved with the architectural and decorative sculpture for Sir Aston Webb's Victoria & Albert Museum, London Towards the end of Lanteri's life he wrote a series of three books, explaining the art of human and animal composition in sculpture.
First released as a collection of three books, they are now commonly found as two, with the animal sculpture separate from the human form.
These books are still common required texts for many sculpture courses.
The foreword to the original book was by friend and fellow sculptor Auguste Rodin. Modelling; A Guide for Teachers and Students (three volumes), London, Chapman and Hall (1911) Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure, Dover Publications Inc., new edition (1986) Modelling and Sculpting Animals, Dover Publications Inc., new edition (1986) Originally published in 1911 , Lanteri was a teacher to Rodin, amongst others, and there is a touching letter from him reproduced at the start.
The perspective of the writer is a sculptor of the French 19th century style, moreover a sculptor of monuments from this period.
This book is divided into 18 chapters, beginning with introductory remarks on the symbolism of sculptural representations of animals in disparate cultures.
Second chapter is over eight pages of text discussing the horse, mentioning breeds, characteristics and other points with comment on form and movement.
Chapter III is on the sculpting of a quarter-scale model of a horse, with supporting diagrams and sequential photos.
Next chapter concerns proportions and the next is on refinement of the model.
Chapter VI is titled "Some Special Points" with over 30 pages of clear anatomical diagrams showing the muscles and skeleton of the horse in plan and side views.
Chapter VII is on general principles with quotes from a number of "men of great artistic value" and includes four views of a sculpted anatomical study of the horse showing stunning mastery of form and detail.
Next five chapters essentially deal with scaling up the model to full size using a laborious but obviously workable technique called pointing and chapter XIII is on pointing a relief.
Chapter XIV discusses sculptural representation of other animals
Chapters XV through XVIII deal with sculpting the Lion and then the Bull, again with detailed anatomical drawings.
The final three-part section, on casting in plaster, rounds out the book.
Here it really shows its age as modern materials like casting rubbers and alginates have almost completely done away with destructive casting methods
(where the original & then the mold are both destroyed to make the final plaster).
For the student interested in monumental sculpture, this book is a must have.
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