Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Louisiana in the Confederacy Civil War New Orleans Book from the Roland Dressler Collection

It's a book that you just can't stop reading

It's in my top 10 most interesting books on the Civil War



Jefferson Davis Bragg

Louisiana State University Press

Baton Rougue, Louisiana

Copyright 1941, 1969, & 1997

341 pages

ISBN: 0-8071-2179-7

Louisiana presented a unique problem among the Confederate states.

The capture of New Orleans by Union forces in 1862 severed the great port and its environs from the interior and aggravated social and economic problems already made acute by a year of war.

In this classic, comprehensive study, Jefferson Davis Bragg examines the economic, political, and military history of Confederate Louisiana, which has frequently been overlooked due to New Orleans' early fall.


Louisiana History in Civil War 1861 - 1865

Secession of Louisiana

Political Adjustments and Military Preparations

Problems of the New Order

Federal Occupation of New Orleans

War and War Measures, 1863 - 1864

Politics and State Finances

Social and Economic Affairs

Relations with the Confederacy

Union Politics in New Orleans

The End of the War

The kind of American History they didn't teach us in public school

Louisiana and Union Politics in New Orleans !!!

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