Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Sunday Night & a new week of Treasure Hunting on Galveston Island!

A new week with new adventures
In the waning days of this Recession
there are Three Major Problems:
Leaders who won't lead - classic recession problem - every force is pushing them to "Hunker in a Bunker" - If your Leader won't lead, tell them not what you want but what you hear from the other employees what they want
Our culture won't let me adopt - the best employees adapt to a changing world before the change is obvious, it isn't always easy...sometimes it means leaving for better's not about being just a "survivor" but is all about becoming a "Thriver"
We can't get rid of C-Players- time to get rid of underperformers but you must have Honesty in evaluations...encourage a culture where anyone at any level can tell the may not be popular but you are facing reality.
Recession Checklist:
Stand Up and Be Seen - It's a simple yet powerful way for leaders to be effective
Steer the Culture with Stories - Make sure the stories you repeat embody the culture you are aiming for as the economy recovers
Upgrade Your People Standards - don't be a Toxic Person
Wanted: Model Airplane Kits Unbuilt Any Scale Open Box Kits O.K.
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