Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gasveston Island Spring Break is almost here! Everyday can be enjoyed as if you're on vacation if you live in Texas Roland Dressler

Vacation everyday

It's possible

If you can quickly adapt to change

Embracing & taking advantage of changes is key to the process of building success in life.

Expect the unexpected.

It is ok to's proof that you are improving.

I never saw setbacks , obstacles , rejection or even pain as things to avoid.

They are markers on the journey toward greatness.

Should be appreciated and even celebrated.

Obtacles and setbacks help us become stronger and ultimately more successful.

"Triumph can't be had without the struggle" - Wilma Rudolf

Failure , fear of failure, changes beyond your control, will be the very thing that helps you break through to a higher level of success.

Never let a day go by without failing.

Wanted: Unbuilt Model Airplane Kits

Open box kits O.K.

Any scale

Will buy a couple kits or a couple thousand

Roland Dressler