Saturday, February 27, 2010

Full Moon over Cemetary @ 43rd Street & Broadway in Galveston Texas 27 Feb 10 Unexpected Lunar Event at The Sleeping Place - Roland Dressler

Driving into Galveston saturday night.
Crossed over causeway & saw the full moon.
For some reason I had not noticed the Moon was getting full until tonight.
Had my camera with me & stopped next to Broadway Cemetary to shoot pictures of the Moon.
I always wanted to explore this old cemetary
But was always doing something like going to work or working on my house.
Drove past this place a million times without stopping
Late night...early morning...middle of the day, didn't stop until tonight.
My old Hewlett Packard Digital Camera from the 1990's still works great!
Eats up four AA Batteries mighty quick
Heavy as a brick
Takes great pics
Not really... the ancient HP C-30 makes a "Beep"
Roland Dressler