Sunday, February 14, 2010

ATOMIC ASTRO BOAT Midori Model Kit from It Came from Planet X

A very Sci Fi plastic spaceship model kit discovered on Galveston at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Almost like the Holy Grail of Spacecraft from the Cold War Era

It's the Atomic Astro Boat Midori Kit # 100-43 Made in Japan

I collect 1/72 scale model airplane kits as a hobby

Rescued this Atomic Astroboat kit from the toy section of S.A. Thrift Store

Selling it to buy another Horten Flying Wing kit

Roland Dressler in Galveston Texas

You can reach me at

Wanted unbuilt plastic model kit collections

Large or small

A couple kits or a couple thousand!

Also individual pre-1970 aircraft, armor, Sci Fi figures, missile kits and original art.

You can call Roland Dressler at 409.750.3688

You can mail your inventory list to:

Roland Dressler

P.O. Box 16214

Galveston, Texas, 77552

May all the good trades be yours!